Text Your Way to Retail Success with iMessenger


Want more eyeballs on your business? Get a direct line to your customers old and new through effective and easy SMS Marketing.

Your customers whip out their smartphones at least 95 times a day! Send irresistible offers straight to their screens for skyrocketing engagement and sales.

How many marketing emails do you get in a day? A ton. How many promotional text messages do you get per day? Probably none. That’s why this under-utilized tool is a goldmine for businesses. The majority of people will read every single text they receive, unlike emails. mobilefYyre is here to help your business take advantage of this little marketing secret.

We use the iMessenger platform which includes:

  • Outbound Text Alerts – Reach out with timely text alerts, keeping your audience in the loop.

  • Two-Way Interactive Text Messaging – Increase engagement through interactive text conversations with opt-in contacts.
  • Segmenting Opt-In Contacts – Tailor SMS marketing campaigns for retail stores – organize contacts into specific target lists for personalized outreach.
  • High-Output Text Messaging Broadcasts – Boost your reach with efficient text broadcasts to large databases.
  • Personalization of text message alerts with unique customer data (first name, last name, city, etc.)

  • Mobile broadcast capabilities to initiate a text broadcast to optin contacts directly from a mobile device

  • Text broadcasts using FTP “Drop & Go” technology for automated processing of custom data files

  • Comprehensive delivery status reports

Never Underestimate the Power of a Text

Ding! That’s the sound of an appointment reminder.

Text Messaging Appointment Reminders & Notices For Your Business

SMS Marketing is not just about promotion, but also an effective tool for already booked appointments…which means more clients show up and you collect more revenue.

Our Text Reminder System (i-TRS) is a two-way instant text messaging software workstation designed to help you communicate easily and effectively with your patients, customers, or guests.

Oh, and don’t think you or your employees will have to sit on your phones all day sending reminders. Our software works from your desktop so your workflow stays productive.

Platform Features:

The Text Reminder System Lets You:

  • Communicate directly with mobile phones from your computer.

  • Conduct multiple one-on-one conversations at the same time.

  • Maintain a complete messaging log of all conversations.

  • Build and keep a database of contacts.

Easy to Use and Secure:

  • Create multiple message templates and reuse them to increase efficiency.

  • Secure, web-based application.

  • Allows for multiple users simultaniously.

  • Create a Manager Dashboard for monitoring and reporting.

Our Reminders Are Used By:

  • Doctors and Healthcare Professionals

  • Auto Dealerships and Service Departments

  • Hotels and Concierges

  • Customer Service Centers

  • Reservation Services

Why Use Text Messaging Reminders?:

  • Personalized mobile coupons

  • Reach people in real time

  • Digital record of all conversatoins

  • Immediate customer response